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Month of Squares


This golden finch stopped by for some black-oil sunflower seeds & a rest. I can’t help thinking that nesting has already begun! The temperature is still occasionally dipping below freezing, but Springtime is bravely pushing forth.

Various flowers blooming cheerfully and The playfulness of the birds bring smiles & hope as winter clearly recedes!

Through my Windowpane not-so-clear, I follow the signs of new life with expectant joy! No matter how many years pass, this season of rebirth always fills my heart with the most excitement. It won’t be long before the male finches take back their bright yellow feathers & are joined by other varieties of songbirds & woodpeckers. The brown leaves will be replaced by new, green leaves & the ground will be covered by cushions of soft-looking moss.

My delightful home in the woods will be all abuzz soon. Spring, into summer, brought about by birds, bees, flowers & various other wildlife in our forest-fantasyland are ready to burst forth!


Finches gearing up for mating season

This is my final @MarchSquare entry, and hopefully I have figured out how to post to the group! I’m new at this, both in using an EOS REBEL T6 as well as this website. thankfully, although I can follow other members, I have a bit of trouble in trying to post my own pictures, &/or stories.

So, this is a bit of an experiment! I hope you enjoy this simple display of golden finches taken thru a paned-glass window. The feeder is round yet full of square openings for the birds to enter and fill their bellies!

At this time of year the birds flock to the feeders and various flowers to get the energy needed to produce eggs, make nests and go through the thoughtful but time-intensive act of raising a few clutches of nestlings for the future. It is quite a delight to be able to few their patterns so closely. I hope you can also enjoy this view.